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Alrighty we still have plenty of time before event day but have some new information to pass along. 

First of all is we will be bringing Michelle Munson in from Austin Texas to be our CSD. She has been in Scent Work since 2012 and is a certified NACSW instructor. She also is an Approved AKC Scent Work Judge and self proclaimed Scent Work Junkie ;-)

We will have two judges each day between Patrice Kuiken, Catilin Long, and Katie Altholz.

I have been asked a few times about FEO and would like to clear that up for people if possible. You only have to run your second dog FEO if you're running in the same class. Otherwise if you have say one Novice and one Intermediate dog, they can each run for titles and one does not have to be FEO.

We have added Advanced! We knew it might be possible and now we've confirmed we could add advanced for those running through the levels.

Earlier Event: July 1
Later Event: July 9
Full Moon Self Defense Class